A blend of flavours that can only be described as dignified, soft, bold, and warm, E-liquid Whisky will warm your mouth and awaken your senses. This mix of oak, pepper, smoke and nuts makes E-liquid Whisky a textbook example of flavour duplication. No one cloned your favourite bottle of whisky, but you’ll instantly recognize this balance of mouth-watering goodness.

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What Is E-Juice?

Unlike traditional cigarettes that produce smoke, e-cigs produce vapour. For the vapour to be released through the e-ciggy, there has to be a special type of liquid in it. This special liquid is known as e-juice or e-liquid. E-liquids are stored in the cartridge and are one of the three parts that form an e-cig. This is also the part that is inserted in the mouth. An atomizer, another part of the cig, is responsible for converting the e-juice into vapour that is subsequently inhaled.

E-Juice Ingredients

E-liquids are manufactured using base ingredients. This is responsible for the smoothness of the e-juice as well as its flavour. The base solution is normally composed of propylene glycol (PG). The solution can also be composed of vegetable glycerin (VG) on its own. However, most manufacturers of e-liquids combine both PG and VG to form a more flavoured solution.

One of the reasons why smokers choose e-cigarettes over conventional ones is because they can choose their e-cigs depending on their flavour. Manufacturers add flavours, both artificial and natural, to enrich the cigarette's taste. Some of the most common flavours include Cherry, sspresso, Strawberry and even Vanilla.

They Need to Be Battery-Powered

For atomizers to convert e-liquids to vapour, the e-cigs need to be battery-powered. Normally, e-cigs have several small batteries that are located at the rear part. These batteries are charged on a regular basis depending on the user’s frequency of smoking. Several brands come with USB chargers, which enable electronic cigarette smokers to charge their e-cigs using laptops where it is convenient for them.

How to Buy E-Juice

They normally come with e-liquids in their cartridges. Smokers can choose to buy disposable cartridges of different flavours and refill once they use up their e-liquid. Usually, e-juice is measured and sold in 'ml' or 'mg'. Users have to determine the amount of e-juice they consume in a day before they purchase some. Light smokers use less e-juice than heavy smokers. It is advisable that users buy their e-liquid from our online store.




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