The stimulating flavour of E-liquid Coconut will transport you straight to a tropical destination. You’ll feel like you’re sitting on a white sand beach under palm trees while listening to the ocean lightly crash as the tide washes higher up with each passing moment. Take summer with you wherever you go with E-liquid Coconut, but leave the sand at the coast.


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Boost a Vaper's Self-Confidence

It can be very easy for smokers to feel embarrassed smoking ciggies in public. All sorts of chemicals found in burning sticks can wreak havoc on their image and self-confidence. On the other hand, users can steer clear of feeling insecure. The e-liquids that these devices vaporize are not detrimental to having and maintaining a healthy social life.

E-liquids Contain No Tar

Telling whether or not a person is a smoker is usually fairly easy because their smile will give away the answer. Smokers, especially those who do the habit heavily, often suffer from unsightly discoloured teeth, which can have a negative impact on the way others perceive them. It can be extremely challenging to flash that smile all of the time if your teeth are not as pearly white as they used to be.

On the other hand, users won't have trouble showing their pearly whites whenever necessary because e-liquids do not contain tar. It's no secret that a beautiful smile can make a person look young and more attractive.


E-liquids Do Not Stink

Most people have a hard time talking to those who suffer from bad breath. Smokers are very prone to having this off-putting oral condition because of cigarette smoke. Users will not suffer from halitosis the same way that smokers do even though them seem to be emitting smoke. The fact is that it's just water vapour, courtesy of e-liquids.

Vapers need not feel embarrassed talking to others during romantic dates, parties and other social events. Because they do not cause bad breath that can offend others, especially non-smokers, e-cig smokers can feel more confident.

Thanks to e-liquids, vapers can stay smelling fresh longer. Smoke sticks to the skin, clothes and hair, making smokers reek after finishing a stick. Furthermore, because e-cigs do not have to be lit up in order to function, users can look more presentable in public because they don't have to use clothes that have horrid burn marks on them caused by ciggies.


E-liquids Are Made Out of Food-Grade Substances

According to experts, more than 7,000 poisonous chemicals are pumped into the lungs and eventually all the rest of the vital organs each time a person smokes. These toxins have to go somewhere, and it's not unlikely for them to show up on the skin. By switching to them, issues such as premature wrinkles and dark circles around the eyes can be avoided. Also, it's easier for vapers to maintain a healthy glow because they are not exposed to thousands of chemicals.

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    By on 14 Aug. 2014 :

    Title : Nice one
    Comment : It is a shame that you don't sell it with nicotine. It has the best taste! Just love it!

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    By on 05 March 2014 :

    Title : nice pie taste
    Comment : Tastes like a tropical paradise pie.

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