Black Tea

Black Tea is the best tea you can get in the world. If you are also fond of black tea then this e-juice shall surely be your pick. Made from the best black tea around, it hits your mind and senses to make you feel the ever refreshing taste and fragrance of Black Tea. It is pure, supreme, and of extremely high quality.


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Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered mechanical devices that simulate the experience of smoking ones. Some of these devices resemble actual cigarettes and cigars whereas others look considerably more mechanical. E-liquids are used in these devices to produce vapour. These e-juices are a solution of vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, to which a variable amount of nicotine may or may not be added.

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Types that Are Available

E-juices are available in various flavours-tobacco and non-tobacco, Cinnamon, Green Apple, Citrus and other fruity flavours. The nicotine concentration is subject to the consumer’s desire as various concentrations of e-liquids are available, ranging from high-nicotine to nicotine-free liquids. They are sold in bottles or cartridges, which are disposable after use. These cartridges are made of different material, like glass, Pyrex or other strong food-grade material, so that they are safe and do not crack or melt when reacting to heat.


The atomizer and the e-cig battery are the main parts of e-ciggies. The atomizer consists of a heating element and a wick that absorbs the e-juices. When the heating element releases heat, the juices turn into vapour. Many kinds of e-juice attachments are available today. A clearomizer or clearotank is a cartridge that uses a thin wick that passes the e-juice to the atomizer head. The heads with the wicks can be replaced when they die. These Clearomizers can either be coiled at the top or the bottom. A Nano Clearomizer is a very small container, which is mainly used to test flavours. They need not be replaced and new flavours of e-juices can be added as soon as the old one has been consumed. A Rebuildable Atomizer is an atomizer, parts of which, the wick and the coil, users can assemble themselves.

The use of ethem has increased more than threefold in the last five years. Though debates continue, e-cigs are considered to be safer than real ones and cigars. Also, members of the younger generation and the emerging sub-cultures who sometimes smoke to simply appear cool” to their peers or want to be able to join the vaping community, have a much healthier option available. The option of low-nicotine or nicotine-free e-juices gives them a chance to use these highly-customizable as a healthier option to actual smoking.

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