Minty Chocolate

The Minty Chocolate e-juice revitalises your mind and refreshes it completely with the tinge of mint. The sweet, smooth and creamy tang of chocolate makes it better at any time. The refreshing flavour of minty chocolate takes you into a paradise. It tickles your tongue with its everlasting chocolatey and creamy taste with a hue of mint that uplifts your mood and refreshes your mind.


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E-juice calculator

The e-liquids calculator can enable you to produce the liquid of your choice for the electronic cigarettes. You may be able to produce the liquid for the e-cigarettes by mixing propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerin (VG) and the flavours of your choice. People have different tastes and preferences, and using the e-cigs liquid calculator can help you find the perfect taste.

Even if you enter a wrong percentage in the calculator, it is automatically corrected so that you are able to get the e-liquids of your choice. You may be able to enter different flavour mixes so that you are able to get the perfect flavour that suits your individual taste.

Top 3 Tips for Using the E-Liquids Calculator

When using the e-liquids calculator to create your very own liquid for e-cigs, the first thing that you need to do is to enter the nicotine strength of the base liquid. The flavouring can be set to PG or VG so that you are able to get the perfect ratio of liquid for your e-cigarette. The next step would involve entering the nicotine strength that you want to achieve. We don’t sell nicotine products!

A percentage amount for diluting needs to be entered next in the calculator. If you are using a VG-based liquid for diluting, it is best to keep it at 5%. Enter a percentage for the flavouring too. You can enter a higher percentage if you want a stronger taste and lower percentage if you want a medium taste.

Enter the amount of liquid that you want to make. The standard drops per 1 ml can be left at 20. After you have entered all of the details, you can press on calculate. The calculator can then provide you the guide to mix the right e-liquids as per your individual taste and preference.

Although there are hundreds of flavours of liquids that are available for the e-cigs, you may not be satisfied with all of them. You may want to create your own liquid and the e-cigs liquid calculator is the perfect tool that can enable you to achieve this. When you create the perfect liquid of your choice, you may be able to enjoy the e-cigs better.

All that you need to do is to input the data in the appropriate fields, and the calculator should give you the result within minutes.


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