This sweet treat is a cocoa melody to be enjoyed at any time during the day - not just for dessert! One of the most desired and well-known flavours known to man, this smooth and sweet taste is sure to make your palate dance. Even the most enthusiastic fans of chocolate find this rich liquid satisfying. From the aroma to the aftertaste, there is much to relish and savour.

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chocolate e-liquid refilling

What Ingredients Do E-Liquids Contain & How Can I Use Them?

E-liquids are the liquids that are vaporized in electronic cigarettes to synthesize the smoke that is inhaled when smoking a traditional one. These e-juices are available in a wide range of flavours with varying nicotine content.

What ingredients do e-liquids contain?

E-liquids contain just a couple of ingredients. Mostly, propylene glycol is contained in PG based liquids, as a result of which the vapour they emit is produced. They also carry another ingredient, nicotine (if liquids with nicotine are chosen). The FDA regards propylene glycol as generally safe to be consumed by humans, and it is already an ingredient in a variety of food items that are consumed by us. 

Vegetable glycerin is used in products that clean and moisturize the skin and is made using coconut or palm oil. In those rare cases where people discover that they are allergic to propylene glycol, vegetable-based e-liquids can be used as an alternative.

How is an e-liquid used?

  1. The bottle of e-liquid, especially if it is a vegetable glycerin based e-liquid, should be shaken first. The main ingredients in an e-liquid tend to settle down at the bottom of bottle.
  2. Next, the cap should be removed and approximately 20 drops should be added (counting while adding) to a brand new atomizer, clearomizer or cartomizer (this is the disposable end or tip that is fitted onto eciggies). More e-liquid is required by new atomizers or cartomizers since they tend to be dry, and it takes at least a whole minute for the e-liquid to saturate them.
  3. After adding the liquid, the atomizer, clearomizer or cartomizer should be allowed to set for a few minutes, which gives the internal fibres time to get saturated by the liquid.
  4. It should be ready to be used after a couple of minutes. Simply press the button or switch of it and order to inhale as desired.

Depending on how much users currently smoke, the strength of e-liquids can be chosen accordingly. Typically, a 10 ml bottle of e-liquid is approximately equal to a pack and half of ordinary ones, which is why e-ciggies are considered to be a more cost-effective alternative.


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    By on 11 Apr. 2014 :

    Title : Mike
    Comment : A gourmet flavor, that has been carefully created to bring alive the true chocolate lust and greed!

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    By on 03 March 2014 :

    Title : addictive!
    Comment : With a subtle hint of Hersheys. Yum!

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