Vanilla was born from the orchid flower and thus can be described as a distinguished bouquet. Matching the orchid, this taste is beautiful and unique. A bit spicy, this is a distinctive, delicate blend of pure flavour. Vanilla liquid matches the zest you’re familiar with from pudding to cookies. It tastes like your favourite candle smells - rich and luxurious.

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e-liquid vanilla refilling

All about E-liquids

Electronic cigarettes have become popular in the past few years with more and more smokers purchasing them. As opposed to traditional smoking, they are not lit manually, but instead they run on batteries that are charged regularly. These devices also use a certain liquid, known as e-juice to produce the vapour that is smoked.

E-Juice Ingredients

E-liquids are composed of propylene glycol (PG) mixed with vegetable glycerin (VG) to form a solution. The subsequent solution can also contain polyethylene glycol 400 also known as PEG400, but this is optional. Most them come in various flavours so that consumers can choose one depending on their taste. Therefore, flavourings can also be included in the solution to form flavoured e-juice.

While some e-cigs contain nicotine, some do not. Variable concentrations of nicotine can be added to e-liquid solutions depending on the nicotine strength that is preferred.

How Is E-Juice Sold?

They come in kits that contain it itself and the e-liquid solution. Normally, e-liquids are sold in bottles. However, some e-cig kits come with cartridges that are pre-filled with the e-juice. The cartridges are disposable so that once consumers refill their e-cigs, they can throw the cartridges away.

The e-juice bottles that e-cig consumers purchase are usually labelled to denote the flavour as well as the e-liquid's concentration. The notation that is normally used is either 'ml' or 'mg'. The bottle's packaging will also indicate the amount of nicotine used in the solution.

How to Choose E-Liquids

Smokers who switch from traditional ones to electronic ones are usually at a loss when it comes to choosing e-liquids. This is because there are many flavours and e-cig designs in the market. It is equally confusing when they are left to determine the strength of nicotine they need. One of the main factors to consider when choosing e-liquids is one's smoking habits. For instance, those who are light smokers may find low-nicotine level e-juices satisfying. However, for those who smoke heavily, going for e-cigs with higher nicotine levels would suffice.

Most smokers tend to believe that the more e-liquid they smoke the more nicotine they get into their system. However, smoking plenty of the e-liquid may lead to a bit of discomfort or even pain, especially for beginners. Choose e-liquids whose nicotine content is just enough for you even if the liquid appears less. The trick is to look at the 'mg' or 'ml' content on the bottle and not its amount.




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    Title : nice charge
    Comment : A classic flavor. I love!!

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