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Sunday, August 10th, 2014


A Modern Fit for a Busy World

Some form of tobacco use has been found in Australia since the 1700’s. Hand-rolled cigarettes and pipes remained common until the manufacturing process caught up with the interest in smoking. Machine rolled processes meant a cheaper product, but not necessarily always a better cigarette. Most people who prefer hand rolled have noted that the manufactured versions are quicker to burn, and give off more ash. Since 2008, when bans were placed on smoking in many public places, especially in larger cities such as Melbourne and Sydney, a new alternative arrivedRead More

New Information About the E-Cigarettes

The e-cig and e cig liquid nicotine is becoming a standard choice for those who are moving away from tobacco products. The numbers of users for these products is growing much faster than previously thought leading some experts to believe this form of using nicotine could eventually replace the traditional forms of tobacco use in many households. In large part the reasons so many are leaving others forms behind is the mess, the cost, and the social impact of using most tobacco products. The Routine for a Regular Smoker The dailyRead More