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Saturday, October 25th, 2014


Why You Should Switch to Electronic Cigarettes

a women is smoking an eciggy

Switching to an electronic cigarette is a good idea for many reasons Three reasons why they are a better alternative to smoking are: ¬†they are friendlier to the environment than their non-electronic counterparts, they taste better, and they smell better. These three reasons are important because everyone considers these things when they are choosing the type of cigarette to smoke and also because everyone is conscious of the environment in our modern society.   Environmentally Friendly One benefit to switching to electronic cigarettes is that often one electronic cigarette isRead More

Fun Anywhere With E-Cigarettes

smoking in a pub

Smoking E Cigarettes Anywhere As a smoker, the recent wave of smoking bans is sure to have gotten you down. In some places, you cannot even light up in your car for fear of receiving a ticket. You cannot go out to a bar or restaurant and have a nice smoke to round out your drink or meal. Also, with some apartment complexes banning cigarette smoking inside not even your home is safe from these people that want to stop your smoking hobby. However, when you purchase an electronic cigarette inRead More